Sea Turtles of NSB

One of the many unique experiences you can have in New Smyrna Beach, FL is tracking the sea turtles during nesting season. Nesting season is upon us in Volusia County beginning in May and lasting through October.  The Loggerhead turtle is the most common species of turtle to lay their eggs on our cool, white sandy beaches.  The NSB Turtle Trackers comb the beach beginning at sunrise to look for evidence of any “turtle activity”.  They look for turtle tracks from the night before, check nests for hatchlings and even check for signs of human activity such as artificial light and beach obstacles (tents, umbrellas, etc.). nest-barrier-NSB-2013-2

Last nesting season, the beach in front of Sea Coast Condos was home to 4-5 turtle nests.

  • It’s important work to protect our Sea Turtles, so here are some simple ways you can help us when you are visiting Sea Coast:
    • turtle blogDon’t touch
    • No Flashlights
    • Pick up beach furniture and trash, leave only footprints behind
    • Fill in holes and stomp out sandcastles at the end of the day


Want to know what the “codes” written on the stakes of the turtle nests mean? Click here to find out more about reading a “Nest Barrier” from the NSB Turtle Tracker site.

Will you be here when our turtle babies are expected to hatch? Follow us on Facebook as we document the turtle nests near us!  And you can also follow NSB Turtle Trackers as they will post about all the latest turtle happenings up and down the beach.

Lights out #NSB turtle lovers…